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climate change levy
climate change levyClimate Change Agreements (CCAs) are part of a package of government measures to tackle climate change that are designed to encourage UK businesses to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Jacobs work with select Trade Associations in operating and administrating the Climate Change Agreements on behalf of those Associations.

What are Climate Change Agreements (CCAs)?

CCAs are voluntary agreements which detail targets for eligible industry sectors (trade associations) to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Operators who hold a CCA are eligible to claim a discount on the Climate Change Levy (CCL) charged on their energy bills.

Why have a CCA?

The benefits of having a CCA and partaking in the Climate Change Levy Discount Scheme result in up to 90% discount on electricity and up to 65% on gas, coal and LPG on the CCL charged in return for meeting energy or carbon saving targets.

Trade Associations

This website offers Trade Associations registered under the Scheme useful information by the way of training programmes available, timetable of activities, administration forms, and news updates.

Jacobs administer the Climate Change Agreements for a number of different sectors. For further information about the CCA relevant to your trade / industry association, please click on the relevant industry association logo to the right hand side of this page, to view the information available on CCL and CCAs.

Click here to view the complete list of the 53 trade associations that can have a CCA.

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