Important Update on PP10s and PP11s

HM Revenue & Customs have very recently issued new versions of the PP10 and PP11 forms. Please click here to view the guidance note to help you in completing the new forms.


In summary:


  • They can be completed on line but still have to be printed and posted.
    • The PP10 form goes to HM Revenue & Customs.
    • The PP11 form goes to your energy supplier.


Once you have assented to your new CCA, your site(s) will be entitled to claim up to 90% CCL discount on electricity and 65% on other fuels*.  We recommend that you submit new PP10 and PP11 forms for electricity as soon as possible so that you can benefit from this higher rate of relief.  It is not necessary to submit new forms for your other supplies unless there are other reasons for doing so (e.g. changed supplier, changed from failing 90/10 to passing 70/30, current PP10 and PP11 forms are more than five years old, etc).


We are still awaiting guidance from HM R&C whether there are spreadsheet facilities available for multi-site companies as there have been previously.


Please review the new forms and if you have any questions please contact the CCA Help Line on 0845 600 8122.


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