Information for Sites with Absolute Targets

For Target Units (TUs) with absolute targets where there is a fall in throughput of more than 10% during the Target Period, the CCA rules require the target % to be adjusted. This applies when the actual throughput in the two year target period is less than 90% of twice the throughput in base year.

We must notify the Environment Agency on your behalf, on or before 31st January 2017 if there has been a fall in throughput to less than 90%.   If this is the case the target needs to be adjusted in line with this fall.  There are two methods you can adopt to adjust your target in line with the fall in throughput.  The choice will depend on the data available and we will support you in applying the 2 methodologies to help you decide which one to apply.


Method 1

Method 1 will be used in cases where the data requirements of method 2 (below) cannot be met.  The target will be adjusted directly in proportion to the reduction in throughput (i.e. by the percentage by which the actual target period throughput is lower than twice the base year throughput).

Method 2

Method 2 will be used in cases where you are able to provide a statistically valid energy throughput relationship. To demonstrate this relationship, you must be able to show that there is a significant correlation between energy consumed in the target facility and throughput in the base year.


Please contact the CCA Helpline if you think your TU (with absolute targets) is going to be affected by a drop in throughput.

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