Information published by DECC on the Climate Change Agreements can be found at the DECC environmental protection website:

The DECC website provides information about all the sectors who are eligible for a Climate Change Levy discount via a Climate Change Agreement and lists which Trade Associations represent each sector.

At this website you can also download the DECC guidance notes on CCAs. These guidance notes are not sector specific and therefore the CCL Discount Scheme interprets these papers for each sector it represents and publishes an Information Sheet. The Information Sheets for each scheme can be viewed by clicking on the Trade Association logo's on the right hand side.

Other useful government websites related to CCAs and the CCL include:


The Environment Agency

Information regarding the Climate Change Agreement Scheme Administration can be found here


HM Revenue & Customs:

General information about the CCL:

Click here

Certificates listing those eligible for a CCL discount:


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