Welcome to the MPMA Climate Change Levy Discount Scheme

The MPMA Climate Change Levy Discount Scheme is the process for ensuring that members of the MPMA Climate Change Levy Agreement (CCLA) achieve their levy discount. The Scheme is managed by Jacobs on behalf of MPMA CCL Ltd, a subsidiary company of the MPMA (Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association).

Membership of the CCA will entitle you to receive up to a 90% discount on electricity and up to 65% discount on gas, coal and LPG on the Climate Change Levy.

The MPMA CCLA covers nearly 30 individual sites, helping the sector as a whole achieve savings in over 2m per year of levy payments. Processes covered by the CCLA include solvent using processes in the manufacture of all forms of metal containers - these range from beverage cans to paint containers to steel drums.

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